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Envelope Addressing

First, let me begin by saying, Congratulations on your engagement! I am so glad you  have found the partner of your dreams and look forward to spending these next few months announcing the day you’ve always dreamed of together.

As a bride, you’ve got enough to worry about: finding the perfect dress, how are you going to wear your hair?, What is mom going to wear?, Do you want the bridesmaids in matching dresses or let them choose a style of their own in the same color? Trust me – I’ve been there. Let me take the stress of the paper part away.

The first step is to tell me all about the details. Give them to me. I wanna hear it all – from the perfect dress right down to the tables capes. We’ve  got one shot to introduce the day of your dreams to all of your possible attendees, let’s give it all we’ve got.

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I have been blessed to work with brides from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida , Tennessee and Maryland.

You may take a look at my past work on either our Facebook page or instagram which can be found to your right.


A few things to remember

When ordering your invitation set or envelopes, please order an extra 20%. This is necessary for splatters and other mistakes during the envelope addressing process. That’s just how life goes when you are using pen and ink.

On your Guest List, please make sure you are listing everything exactly the way you’d want it written on your envelopes.

[i.e. if you want the states spelled out, please spell them out on your guest list]


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Envelope Addressing

If you are simply looking for prices, You can find that information here.

If you are looking for a “Style Sheet” unfortunately, i do not like to put previous styles  online as each and every envelope order will be different. You see if you are going for “Shabby Chic” you do not want “Gothic” and vice versa. Each font tells a story and we want to make sure that we choose one that is complimentary to your desired dream day.