How much do you charge for envelope addressing?

You can find our current pricing structure on the pricing page of our website. For special projects, you can contact us for an estimate.

How long does it take for you to write out a set of envelopes?

Generally I require a full month to complete a set of 100 outer envelopes. That may vary depending on the amount of work involved in any given project. Please contact us to see if I have availability during your desired timeframe.

How long does it take for you to write out a set of escort cards and/or place cards?

Generally I require 7-10 business days to write out Day Of materials for clients. As with envelope addressing, that timing estimate may vary depending on the amount of work required for your specific project. [Please also take into consideration shipping time] Please contact us to see if I have availabilty in the week or so leading up to your wedding or event.

Do you offer “rush” service?

I am willing to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. Rush service availability will depend on whether I believe I have the time to complete your desired order. Please contact us and let’s see if we can make it happen.

Do you charge different rates depending on the lettering style I choose?

No silly! The price will stay the same no matter which lettering selection you make.

Do you offer computer-generated calligraphy?

All of our calligraphy is created by hand using fine inks and pen nibs. Stroman Studios do not offer computer-generated calligraphy.

Can you replicate the typographical font used on the invitations we purchased from our stationer?

No, unfortunately I am unable to copy specific fonts. I am hopeful, however, that we will be able to create one that will be a lovely complement to your invitations.

Can we read reviews from some of your past clients?

Absolutely. You can find our most current testimonials on our Facebook Page or Google Business page.

We have reviewed your previous work and pricing structure and we would really like to work with you! How do we go about booking your services?

That’s wonderful news! The next step is to see if Stroman Studios have availability within your desired timeframe. We book our calendar up to six months in advance, filling it on a first-come, first-served basis, so please contact us to check out our availability.

Assuming you have availability on your calendar, how shall we get our envelopes (or seating cards, etc.) to you?

Thanks for asking! Once you have a confirmed spot on our calendar, we can set a time for you to drop your envelopes or seating cards off to me in Charlotte, North Carolina. Alternately, you can ship your envelopes or paper stock to us (we will provide the shipping address once you have a confirmed spot on our calendar). Once your project is complete, you may either pick it up in person or we can ship it back to you at your cost via USPS, Fed-Ex or UPS. Please note that tracking and insurance will need to be added to any packages that we ship to you.

Do we need to include extra blank envelopes (or seating cards) beyond the number that need to be written out?

Yes! I always ask our clients to include additional blank paper stock, ideally 20 percent, beyond the number that need to be written out. These extra envelopes/seating cards/table markers, etc. act as a buffer against ink smudging and splattering, which is an unfortunate (and regular) occurrence when real ink is used.

In what format should we send you our address list?

Great question! Here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you are pulling together the address list:

We will need to receive the addresses electronically, as two separate Microsoft Word documents, one for the inner envelopes and one for the outer envelopes (assuming you have both).

Please format the list(s) the way you’ll want the envelopes to be written out. For example, if you would like for us to use an ampersand instead of “and” between Mr. & Mrs., please use an ampersand on your list. If you would like Apartment 504 to be written out completely (versus abbreviating it to Apt. and keeping it on the same line as the street address), please spell it out that way and give it its own line on your list. If you would like for us to spell out the names of the states, please spell them out on your list, etc.

The reasons we ask to have the list(s) prepared this way are fourfold: first, it’s really difficult for us to read across a spreadsheet as we work, so we much prefer for the outer envelope list to be stacked,


Street address
City, State Zip

Second, we will write everything out exactly as you have it on your list so that the finished envelopes appear just as you want then to look.

Third, we will write out the outer envelopes first and then the inner envelopes, hence our request for separate lists (but we will keep each set in order, so you can just set each stack side by side and it should make for easy stuffing).

And finally, since our rate is by the line, we want to be sure that the end cost is exactly what you expect it will be (we won’t add any lines unless absolutely necessary for space reasons and will ask you before we do, should it become necessary).

After our order is complete, we may need to have additional envelopes or seating cards written out. How does that work?

Depending on schedule, I am happy to complete a few extra at the end for the same per envelope prices listed on our Pricing List page. Those “Stragglers” we like to call them 🙂 But please keep in mind You will be responsible for postage/packaging costs if the stragglers need to be shipped back to you.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, In order to lock your timeframe of completion on my calendar I must receive 1/2 of the price up front. Some prefer to go ahead and pay in full up front which is also perfectly fine. If you choose to do the 1/2 deposit up front, the other 1/2 is required upon completion of project.

What sort of payment do you accept?

I prefer to invoice you via paypal. But will be happy to accept payment through the square “cash” app, venom app, or check in the mail.

Please mail your check to:

Stefanie Stroman – Stroman Studios – 1440 Harding Place, #417 – Charlotte, North Carolina 28204.

I can not begin working until deposit has been received.

We are having an event and we think it would be fantastic to have a calligrapher on site to create custom note cards (or write our custom valentines or New Year’s resolutions or something similar) for our guests as takeaway favors. Do you ever do on-site calligraphy?

Yes! We are able to appear at select events with pen and ink in hand to surprise and delight party-goers with a live demonstration of our craft. Please contact us to let us know more about what you have in mind.

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