Envelope Addressing

Prices listed are for calligraphy only, and do not include paper or other supplies. You send us your envelopes, place cards, etc, and we will calligraph your guests’ names and/or addresses and send them back to you.

Outer Envelope [Full Formal Names and Address] – $2.00/per envelope

Inner Envelope [Informal Names] – $1.00/per envelope

Return Address [RSVP envelope or Outer Envelope Flap] – $1.50/per envelope

Place Card – $1.25/each


Custom Ink Colors: $20 per color + $0.25 per envelope

Metallic Ink Colors: add $0.25 per envelope

Additional Lines of Text: add $1 per line (zip code does not count as fourth line)


Invitation Design

Let us create an invitation that will forever be your one of a kind design. Fully customizable, hand-written, calligraphed and designed to make a statement. We’ve got one shot to make a first impression – Let’s shake the hands of our attendees with a firm grip.

Full Wedding Invitation [wording only] – $250

Add Flourshing around wording – $75

RSVP card design – $100

Calligraphed and Digitzed Return Address to be printed – $100


Customized Gifts

Gifts are one of our FAVORITE things to create. Sure, we’ve got a few favorites but this is the time for you and I to get creative. Have an idea? Share it with me. Let’s get it created!

All current prices of gifts will be listed in our Online Shop [Coming Soon!]. For the time being, please fill out the form below and I will be in contact with you shortly.

Customized Gift Idea