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Lora Porcelli Tucker
Stefanie is beyond amazing!! One of my girlfriends from work was telling me about how she hired someone to address her wedding invitations in calligraphy. I thought what a cool idea, but I was a little to late bc mine had already been sent out. But once I saw her work and design I had so many other ideas I wanted Stefanie to do for my upcoming wedding. With time to spare she meet me for lunch that same week and help me brainstorm the most creative ideas that see made come to life! She designed all of my table cards indicating desserts, flavors, cigar bar, sparkles, etc. She most importantly created my programs and menus too. She created my ceremony mirror in addition to hand writing all 150+ guest on a mirror for my seating chart. She also wrote personalized cards to each of my bridesmaids, mother, father, and soon to husband. Her personalized touch made my vision come to life. She is super dedicated and timely, even when I only gave her shy of a months notice for all she completed for me. She made sure it was all completed and what a perfectionist she is. Her work is FLAWLESS. Not only is she amazing at what she does she is a great person at heart. We have received numerous compliments on all of her work. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for stunning calligraphy!! I am looking forward to taking one of her class in the future. Thanks again Stefanie for all your dedication and making our wedding even more so perfect with your touch!
Marty Current
I am so glad that I was able to take the Cupcakes & Calligraphy class! I will be practicing all weekend! This is definitely going to become one of my new hobbies. Thank you Stefanie!

Meghan Gilling
I took Stefanie's Calligraphy and Cupcakes class and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Her instruction was clear and detailed, I felt confident, and when she made corrections/assists with my attempts at calligraphy I didn't feel like I was being talked down to. A supportive instructor is always a plus, especially with something like this! I have continued to practice and really enjoy working on my calligraphy. I cannot recommend this class, or Stefanie's services enough.
Ashley Boykin Milbourne
I had SO much fun taking the Cupcakes and Calligraphy class! If you're interested in learning this art, I highly recommend taking the course with Stefanie at Stroman Studios! She really knows her stuff, and she makes it such a fun and enjoyable experience! I can't wait to take the follow up class and learn even more!
Lindsay McCauley
Stefanie was incredible when it came to creating our wedding invitations! I sent her one inspiration photo and she created something absolutely breathtaking! We received so many compliments on our invitations and it was absolutely everything I could have dreamed! Every detail of our hand drawn invites were perfect right down to the addresses on the envelopes. I highly recommend her for anything that you need!
Ansley Sanderson
I took calligraphy classes from Stefanie and absolutely loved them! She taught me to do something I always wanted to do, but never thought I could! Her work is beautiful and she is very knowledgeable!

Jessica Phillips
After years of putting it off I finally signed up and attended Stefanie's Cupcakes & Calligraphy class. It was the best 2 hours of my week! I enjoyed meeting new people, learning the calligraphy craft and getting one-on-one instruction from the master herself. I am so pumped for the next class and have been practicing at work and home. It's not an expensive class at all and I came home with a few basic tools I need to keep practicing and perfect my new skill 🙂
Liane Ledoux
I took Stefanie's Calligraphy & Cupcakes class and LOVED it! For what seemed to be a very hard and complicated craft, Stefanie made it super easy and fun to learn. All of the tools are provided to you, and the cupcakes were delicious. I've been practicing everyday since and can't wait to take her next class!
Brooke Austin Jennings
Stefanie is a pleasure to work with and her work is the best in the market! Her calligraphy is the prettiest I have ever see!
Sarah Christmus Pollard
I took some calligraphy classes from Stefanie and loved it! She's very knowledgable, and her calligraphy is outstanding! I've seen her work first hand, and I promise you won't be disappointed!
Anna Ross Kinard
So creative!! Worked with me to design the perfect invitations!!! Loved working with Stefanie! She is talented and cares about her clients.

Emily Binns
Stephanie was fabulous. It was crunch time to get my invitations out and she did a rush for me. I was forever thankful! The envelopes turned out even more beautiful than I had imagined. My guests have raved abt how good they look. She's highly recommended. Will be using her again for my daughter's wedding next year.
Anna Cartin Rose
Stefanie did my birth announcements and I LOVED them. She's great and easy to work with!
Caitlin Marsh
I loved this class!! It was so fun, stephanie made it easy to learn, and it flew by! I would highly recommended this class to anyone!
Sophia Michilena
I took the Cupcakes and Calligraphy class with Stefanie and loved it, the class is fun and not intimidating at all. Stefanie is a great calligrapher and teacher, cant wait to take the second class.
Courtney Sipes
I took the Cupcakes & Calligraphy class with Stefanie! She created such a positive, fun and beautiful environment to learn in! If you've ever even thought for a minute about wanting to learn calligraphy, I recommend Stefanie and this class! It's such an artful and therapeutic investment! I cannot wait to hone my skills even further with her next class!

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